About Us

Theexclusives.in is an online platform that allows people from all over the world to get a first-hand experience of the glorious Indian ethnic and daily fashion and style.

Our primary concern and USP is to provide high quality Sarees with unique taste at affordable prices to match any occasion. 

The soul of this endeavour lies in the richness and depth of Indian crafts and handloom arts. Theexclusives.in believes that these traditional, amazingly designed Sarees must get the platform they deserve. We also hold Saree, the ubiquitous symbol of Indian fashion, in great esteem, and look for innovative ways to promote it globally.

We have vowed to bring maximum comfort, efficiency and effortlessness to our community through our Sarees. Every item is listed with integrity and with the intention of helping you look and more importantly, feel your best -hassle -free. 

Who We Are

We started theexclusives.in in 2020 in order to bring back traditional wear with a unique style.

We were inspired by our family’s work in the textile world from 3 generations and planned to reach out to the masses with the main motive of bringing back traditional wear with a dash of style.

We started theexclusives.in to connect to everyone worldwide and fulfil all your Saree needs.


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